Your Most Important Decision

          Tell me, what is it you plan to do
          With your one wild and precious life?

          The Summer Day by Mary Oliver


Photograph – [WOMAN SITTING IN STORE] – James Jowers (American b. 1938) Date: 1969

Accession Number: 2007:0275:0043

George Eastman House Collection


  1. Take life one breath at a time, each time – don’t skip any – and be fully aware that you’re breathing as the most precious gift. Once you have accomplished that much, every second will count, every second will feel right, meaningful and purposeful.

      1. :blush: Mr. Green took over – the (excellent!) photo, your question, 99%, and approaching 7 billion, millions of whom don’t know what they are going to EAT for lunch tomorrow…

  2. Mary Oliver, once again speaks my heart. I think I went to that store, and thought I was meant to live that life. . Blessedly I was wrong, about that and so many other things. Glad you found me now, I know where you are. I ,too, like the idea of the butterfly effects for change. Just finding my way around this amazing world of blogging. Look forward to walking with you

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