What does it mean to be true?

Definitions of ‘true’ include –

In accordance with fact or reality. Accurate or exact.(1)

So, does that mean being ‘true’ is simply a frills-free declaration of every whimsical thought that flits through my head? ‘That makes her look fat’, ‘What a dumb thing to say’, ‘I hate those shoes’.

Or is it something else entirely?

Other definitions of ‘true’ include – Exactly in tune, correctly positioned, upright, level. (2)

Same question then – what does it mean to be ‘true’?

We all have opinions and views  – likes, dislikes, tastes etc – but they are just that – our opinions and views and understanding of the world and not necessarily ‘true’ in any objective sense.

However, if I say something and do something different – e.g. say I believe in kindness and then act unkindly – I am definitely not being ‘true’ because there is a discrepancy between my words and deeds. My actions are – out of tune, not ‘on the level’, not in accordance with reality. Definitely not ‘true.’

Which suggests being ‘true’ is the opposite to this.

Let deeds, not words, be your adorning.(3)

Ticks all the boxes?


Photograph – Mrs. Louis C. Smith – archery [between ca. 1910 and ca. 1915]

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(1) Oxford Online Dictionary

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(3) The Hidden Words, Bahá’u’lláh


  1. How terriffic that you expanded the construction builder’s definition of “true” to apply to how ethically we should behave if we are to be “true” to ourselves and our beliefs. I am reminded of times when I have meditated on “lining” myself up totally “upright”(no leaning this way or that) with the Creator’s intentions for my life. Thank you and bless you.

  2. And You, what do you feel and what do you write that is true to you, and are you correct in what you write? do you write from your Heart and if so, why do you write on here, to be seen as someone different, a guide to others, a way or a path?
    I know why I write on here, its to share my path with others who may be on the same path, I do not wish to be known as anyone other than who I am, Watcher in life and choices, I am a Watcher of the outcome, my name is not my own, its made up, but all the same I Watch and I will be there on the day when all are brought together to answer to answer for the choices we made, the advice we were given make us as human beings, but there is a part of us that makes us different to others, Pray tell me what that is?

  3. It is quite interesting that more persons are looking for their personal experiences or for their personal perception and understanding of the meaning of a “simple word” such as TRUE.

    Maybe we are confronting in our life with a something that bring us to the same word. I may say very interesting…

    And the cause of our behaviour is underlined in your article: the difference between what is said and what is done. So, you shoot right in the centre, maybe like Mrs. Loius Smith.

    Great post and thank you for such a clear picture that show us.

    Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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