What if You Are Needed?

This is an interesting campaign.  It is a specific fundraising campaign in the struggle to raise money to help combat famine in the Horn of Africa.  But in the pursuit of it’s stated aim it asks a very interesting question.

Thanks to Make Wealth History where I first learned about this campaign – here is the relevant post – have a look – it raises some other interesting questions –



  1. “because someone needs to be on the ground with you to help you up.”

    That sentence just blew me away! So incredibly powerful.

    Your posts always shake me up! That’s a good thing.

    Thank you!

  2. have you seen or heard of “lost children” it’s a non-profit company started by some filmmakers out of san diego attempting to stop the killing and torture of children in uganda. i think you would like them…fascinating guys and really interesting work…

  3. The every day every man brand of heroism makes sense. The vestiges of colonialism on the continent left a level of dependency which we all can stand to overcome. Great video and post.

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