We are all convinced that our conception of beauty is natural. We think we like what we like, nobody teaches us what to like, either people are beautiful or they aren’t.

But is that really the case?

P.S. All of these girls look absolutely beautiful to me.


  1. But is that really the case? Not entirely and that is why advertising and brand placement remain powerful visual tools, shifting, shaping and twisting our perceptions of what has value and more… Hm mm. 😉

  2. They ARE beautiful! Especially because they understand the issues and the falseness of the “beauty” standards.
    The doll clip just breaks my heart….

  3. Socialization is insidious in the “judgments” we absorb. Here’s to being and loving who we are.

  4. That was really interesting – lots to think about. I felt worried about the little girl who was asked which one looks more like you – I hope there was more to that interview?

  5. We are ALL beatiful in our Creator’s eyes. And I for one refuse to argue with His judgement!

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