Feet of a Dancer

I hope you find the feet of a dancer,
I hope you can sing in the rain,
I hope you find all the easy answers to your pain;
It won’t be easy, what can I say,
There will be trouble along the way;
‘Round every corner there’s terror and fear,
Always remember that we’re here.

Charlie McGettigan – Feet of a Dancer

I love this picture.  I love everything about it, but I especially love the expressions on their faces.

I don’t know who took the photograph, or where it was taken, or when.

But I love it, anyway.

It’s on the One Human Family Facebook page here –


“Human beings, vegetables or cosmic dust, we all dance

to a mysterious tune intoned in the distance

by an invisible player.”

Albert Einstein


  1. This reminds me of a quote I heard years ago, and which is now posted on my classroom wall for me to see every day:
    “Life is a dance to a song we cannot hear.”

    Lovely photo!

  2. Oh to be free of inhibitions such as the young….This is truly an example of that saying “A picture speaks a thousand words”…The faces, the clothing, the location, the gestures, even the street, It is a great photo. Treasure it well. Thanks! Blessings…VK

  3. Great photo…remembering to “dance” when possible does help me through tougher times. thanks for your “like”…good to have your visit!

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