Life is a difficult place.

For everyone.

It requires deft navigation and some sort of protection .

Mostly we get hurt and as a consequence build defences so high and so strong and so completely that not only do we keep others out, we also keep ourselves in.  Hidden and afraid.  Cut off from real contact outside ourselves, we offer our masked face composed from person-coloured armour to the world.

Is this the price we pay for safety?

Is it too high? 


Chatter in.

Chatter on.

Chafing on my skin and brain and heart.

Not your fault.  Not even my fault.

But true.

Need spiders.

(Mary Jane Kennedy)


  1. Interestingly; I’m on the same page today. I don’t have a good answer but I agree, we do need spiders.

    If I were to offer the grasp into the darkness and see what comes out, I’d say, the protections are necessary, until they are not. This of course is easier said than seen.

    Also, I love the words ‘person-coloured armour’ … It’s one of those descriptions that takes on a life of it’s own, as if you can write around just that idea, and it will solidly stand on its own no matter the supporting words. Padding words around a great phrase is something I would do in a moment of writing weakness, but your words here are felt with a great deal of truth.

    Thank you.

  2. I have NEVER advocated safety at the price of connecting with other people. Thankfully, my adult children are living in daily connections, open-heartedly with those around them–and my grandchildren are being raised to use common sense, but to listen to their God-given instincts about how to be physically safe without walling themselves off from others.

  3. Loove this! I’m at that point where the cities I’ve put up to keep others out are beginning to lose their purpose. And I’m finding that the walls are only as important as we decide.

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