The Future is Made from Wishes

When I first saw this I didn’t think I’d post it as I have posted so much – so many links, so many articles, so many videos – on the importance of the education of girls and the development of women for the welfare of all human societies.  At this point even I am sick of hearing myself talk about this subject.

But I couldn’t talk myself out of posting this.  Please watch it.  It is so comprehensive and so complete that you’ll be glad you did watch it.



      1. I hate to use the word ‘simple’ but the way she carries you along with her story, it just seems so simple. Of course! Why wouldn’t leaders in their corners of the world, in perhaps their cities, their neighborhoods, their living rooms even, do what they can to educate girls? Why shouldn’t girls from all over the world be able to look forward to a life where they can be a ‘Ted talk participant’. The final two questions really were awesome though.

        I don’t want to spoil it, but she did a very good job of conveying what hope in this world of ours actually can look like.

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