1. Yes. It was wonderful how he got to be so conscious through the process and to be able to share this with others. I hope death doesn’t take me like a thief in the night.

  1. My own father suffered with Lung Cancer and we brought him home,as he lived on his own so my sister and I moved in with him in his home to look after him for the last few weeks he had left to us.. As the hospital could do no more..

    And Having sat and held my own fathers hand as I talked him on, as I saw his last breath leave his body, I saw the pain leave his face.. and a peaceful smile replace it.. I was lucky in knowing my fathers brother in spirit was waiting for him as he’d come to help him into the next world..
    Phillip in this film said having seen his own fathers passing as great as the moment he saw his children take their first breath.. It is just like that.. stepping through the door..

    There is no Death~ just a Rebirth.. .into that place from which we all come and return to.
    Thank you for sharing this moving clip with us.. xx Sue x

  2. I am unable to listen to this in my present setting–but I am utterly entranced by this man as he speaks in his home–Philip’s level of inspiring vision is obvious just from watching him speak, not even hearing him!

  3. You’re absolutely right there aren’t many words needed to support this amazing story! How moving, and simply extraordinary! I have a good friend in the last stages of his life who has literally transformed into someone full of light and grace, despite the ravages of disease. I thought of him with this video. I can’t say more than WOW! Debra

    1. I think that’s a perfect reaction to this film – I am slightly afraid to read that book (is it They Fight Like Soldiers and Die Like Children?) – I’d love to know what you think of it. It might give me the courage to read it.

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