Could I Do This?

The truth?
I don’t know.
I agree with the sentiments expressed in this short film and admire these people and their courage and their commitment to action and hope and change for the better but I’m not sure I could be as magnanimous if someone took my child.
But I’d really like if I could.
I don’t admire success or fame or accomplishment. I don’t aspire to be like anybody else really – certainly not in regard to what our societies tell me I should want to emulate. But I do aspire to be as open-hearted, as brave and as far-seeing as these people.


  1. What must End, What must Begin

    War must end. Competition must end. Waste must end.
    Peace must begin. Cooperation must begin. Bounty must begin.
    Individual exploration must begin. Colonization of space must begin.
    Capitalism must end. Poverty must end. Greed must end.
    Selflessness must begin. Equality must begin. Compassion must begin.
    Being rich must end. Being poor must end. Premature death must end.
    Clean free energy must begin. Naturalism must begin.
    Life must begin, again.

    John Pontious 8/21/2011

  2. Wow. I would like everyone to see this video. What if the essence of forgiveness was embedded in every culture, every human? Wow, I say again. There are so many quotes I want to take away from this, but here, I think, is the crux:

    “Kony is our arch enemy. But if we want to talk with him, let’s see God’s face in his image.”


    Thank you for sharing the video.

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