We all seek love.  We need it.  It holds us together – literally.

The thing about love is that it grabs our attention even while it takes our breath away.

Love shows us what is already true.  It shows us the power lying at the core of everything.  A power that ties us together.  Links our molecules and energy and fates and well-being.  Entangles us like particles moving in response to each other. Wordlessly, remotely, completely bound together forever in a harmonious dance.

Love does have appetites and that makes us fear it as well as long for it.  We see it as a double edged sword to be approached with trepidation.  But there really is no need.

All appetites are natural.  They are just instincts and neither good nor bad.  They just are.

We don’t fear our appetite for food.  We just know that we have to be in control of it and not vice versa.

Love is the same.

Nothing works without it.  It’s like food for our hearts and souls and minds. We can’t be without it.  And we aren’t.  We are beloved of each other.



    1. I’m glad you like it – as for love – I imagine that the food-slinging, complaining small people in your life, as well as driving you bananas are also full of love. For you. And you for them. So you may be richer than you think?

      1. Mmm, you’re right in the sense that there is a lot of love in my life, but it is completely different from the affection and companionship there can be between two adults. This is what I miss dearly I guess 🙂

        1. Of course it is, I know that. But if the food analogy can be stretched a bit (!) sometimes we have a limited range of food available, other times we are surrounded by all sorts of delicious and nutritious food. The important thing is to see the food as something we need to nourish us and want to enjoy. Sometimes the nourishment isn’t as obviously enjoyable as it might be. But it’s essential and as long as we have that we’ll easily survive until the day the food on offers includes more enjoyable dishes! If that makes any sense at all!!!!!

    1. Very winsome song! Lovely. 🙂 As for home – I think the connection is huge. Sometimes we try to make our our homes where there isn’t any love and we can’t – to our great surprise. Maybe it’s like the magnetic poles and we are dragged towards it naturally and almost impersonally?

      1. I think your magnetic pole explanation is grand – I like it! 🙂 I do know that we seek warmth and comfort naturally (you snuggeling up to the warmest part in bed etc.) and what better place to find warmth and comfort than a pair (or several pairs) of loving arms 🙂

        But then I also hold with those who think mans initial instinct is love rather than hate 🙂

  1. Quiet your mind. Close your eyes. Feel your body. Let your thoughts go away and melt into the collective consciousness. Life is good. Life is amazing. Your mind is the most complex object on earth. Emotions are unique, puzzling, and give meaning to life. Love is a real thing and is all around you. There is a Force, a power greater than yourself that is everywhere and every when. It is the Force that gave birth to the universe, and is in and of the universe. Meaning exists only as a home for love and life. These are the good things. Forget about details, religions, control, governments. Remember that you are one with humanity. We are all the same, capable of the best and worst. Use your mind and have confidence that it will naturally lead you in the right direction by default. Don’t believe in human interpretations that, by their very nature, change your innate ability to know right from wrong, good from evil, and life from death.

  2. The appetites of love do scare me sometimes; I must confess. Agape love has never frightened me at all, on the other hand! It’s just those romantic love-demands that I have so much trouble handling as well as I do my appetities for chocolate, for example!

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