The Big Picture

It’s all about perspective.

Perspective isn’t just something for art class – it’s essential for understanding.

It’s indispensabile in our quest for truth.

It’s vital for our ongoing safety and security.

And most of all it’s absolutely irreplaceable in the pursuit of personal and societal happiness.

In every sense perspective helps us get the whole picture.

And nothing delivers perspective better than films like this (well, for me anyway)…


  1. This is amazing. it makes me feel two things – one how small we all are and two how important we all are. Thank you for this. Oh and for the technical comment you left on my blog. They’re will be no stopping me now 😉

  2. I was up ’til 2am last night talking about this exact subject with a good friend. I love perspective! I feel blessed to have been raised to always check my perspective and respect other peoples. Thank you for writing!

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    Dear brothers and sisters: Please check out this NASA Pursuit of Light video clip and find out what it has to teach us on our own quests about “perspective.” The author of creatingreciprocity blog says that perspective is “absolutely irreplaceable in the pursuit of personal and societal happiness.”

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