1. So far loving the book by Shirky (yesterday’s post): Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age

    1. I am very impressed by the speed of your postal system! Sometimes it’s as if Ireland is not just an island but actually an island in another galaxy! Glad to hear the book is good but I have a question – is it just four or five points presented in forty different ways like so many academic books seem to be or does it have loads of good points and interesting information? (If it’s the latter I’ll order it too because I’m very interested in the subject – I might get it by September! )

  2. As one who depends upon Facebook to keep me “up close and personal” with geographically distant adult children and grandchildren and some very long-time and close friends, I still thought this Zuckerberg take-off was hilarious!

    1. I use Facebook as well but I did think this was funny – it wasn’t mean, which is good – just funny. Glad you enjoyed it!

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