What Will You Do To Belong?

It’s easy to say that FGC/FGM is a barbaric practice that is common in far away places.  It’s easy to believe that we are different to the people who do things like that to little girls.  It’s nice to believe that our societies are more advanced.  But is it true?  Are we really all that different?

Aren’t our litte girls starving themselves to death and having their bodies surgically altered to be more acceptable and lovable and wanted?  Where will the flat-chested or fat girl fit in?  Who will want her?  How have we contributed to her belief that this is what is normal?

And it isn’t only a problem in the world of little girls. Aren’t we all just as frightened of being different – of not being accepted?  Aren’t we often just as willing to suffer – and cause suffering – if it’ll ensure we’ll belong?  Aren’t there hundreds of practices in our societies – prejudice, inequality, injustice etc – that need to be changed if we are to live happily together?  Is being afraid to be the first to change one of the factors holding us back from improving the world?

This video is an inspiring story of change and any reduction in suffering is wonderful, but to me the most inspiring part is how the change happened  I think this example contains important lessons we could all learn – no matter where we live or what kinds of problems we encounter.

Have a look and see what you think.







  1. Did you make changes to your blog? Something seems different… Anyhow, you are quite correct in your post. Lessons abound everywhere for us all to learn form. TY!

  2. There’s a photograph in the header, Elizabeth! It’s one of those infuriating things like when people shave their beard or cut their hair and seem the same…but different! And yes – lessons everywhere. This is a good one though – thanks for commenting.

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