What Can We Learn About Learning?

I am sure most of you will have watched this before – but just in case it got by you – or even if you saw it before…


  1. Yes, I have seen it. Here’s another that gives ‘wings’ to his central point: Animal School. And another that digs a little deeper into the importance of ‘unbounded’ creativity: TED – Regina Dugan. Altogether a very insightful trilogy. 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing… I always look forward to my TED emails and videos and I love it; one day I will be a featured speaker. Why not! 😉

  3. Hi Trisha,
    Thinking of you and hope all is well…

    • creatingreciprocity

      Thank you Elizabeth – both of my parents are in hospital so difficult but it is very sweet of you to be concerned and I deeply appreciate it. x

  4. How are they doing? Sending healing light and love to them… Trisha welcome back!

    • creatingreciprocity

      My Dad died just over two weeks ago – it was traumatic because he was suffering and it is sad but better. My mother is now in a home so it is all pretty hard going but we’ll be fine. Thanks for the love and light.