The advantage of the part…

As we look at a world riddled with greed, corruption, violence and seemingly endless suffering most of us can find it hard to believe that unity is possible.

In a recent post, blogger Dan Jones describes how his friends expressed that they’d like to believe people do good things however…

It’s very easy to relate to that view.

But the good news is…

Unity is absolutely possible.

Humanity is an interconnected, complex, dynamic system just like insect colonies, ecosystems, living cells and the Earth’s climate. Which means that there is no room for discussion as to whether or not we are a system of oneness, that’s just a fact.

Our system is what it is, we don’t have a choice in that.

A jet engine is a mechanical system.

A tree is an organic system.

Humanity is an interconnected complex, dynamic system.

Lack of unity and harmony means we are not working our system properly but it doesn’t make humanity a different kind of system.

“…the advantage of the part is best to be reached by the advantage of the whole…”

So, recognising our interconnectedness is the first vital step if we are to change anything. After that recognition we need to realise that a complex dynamic system is a system of reciprocity. This means each part has an effect on every other part – for better or worse.

Every element in the system as well as experiencing the environment and conditions in which it lives also co-creates that selfsame environment. If we want to improve the world – or even our own lives – then it’s all about co-creating environments and conditions that work for all involved.

Reciprocity is more than just give and take. In human relations, just as in nature, reciprocity creates environments for good or ill.  For humanity this ‘environment’ is what we know as society.          

“…in a world of interdependent peoples and nations the advantage of the part is best to be reached by the advantage of the whole.” Shoghi Effendi

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