What is love?


We live for it and die for it and long for it and hope for it, but even so perhaps we are too sparing with it?

Maybe love is all we imagine and more.  Could it be that love has powers far exceeding the ordinary scope we allow for something as commonplace?

Perhaps love is a fundamental reality that drives our existence at a social as well as personal level?

Is love all we need?

Down through the centuries people like St. Augustine have spoken about love as an energy for social change.  They explored the idea of love as the connection between everybody and everything rather than something driven simply by desire.

Could it be true then, that all we need is love?

“Love is the very cause of life; on the other hand, separation brings death. In the world of material creation, for instance, all things owe their actual life to unity. The elements which compose wood, mineral, or stone, are held together by the law of attraction. If this law should cease for one moment to operate these elements would not hold together, they would fall apart, and the object would in that particular form cease to exist…So it is with the great body of humanity. The wonderful Law of Attraction, Harmony and Unity, holds together this marvellous Creation.” (1)


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