Love is a Better Master than Duty*

The recent vicious rape and assault of a 23 year old physiotherapy student in New Delhi has caused rioting and outrage in India. A policeman injured in the rioting has died and most Indian politicians seem to be distancing themselves from … Continue reading

Fly Like A Butterfly

(N.B. – this is a repost so if you were reading creatingreciprocity in May 2011 you may have read it before – if so – sorry to repeat myself but I still feel the same as I did then about … Continue reading

What Will You Do To Belong?

It’s easy to say that FGC/FGM is a barbaric practice that is common in far away places.  It’s easy to believe that we are different to the people who do things like that to little girls.  It’s nice to believe … Continue reading

Can Social Media Really Help Anybody?

There’s a lot of controversy nowadays about the usefulness of trying to use social media to raise awareness of all sorts of issues.  Some people feel it’s worth doing and others believe it’s a waste of time and just creates … Continue reading



We think of art as something esoteric. Something mysterious. Not connected to ordinary matter. But it’s not true. Beautiful music is made from ordinary materials. The leap from the ordinary to the extraordinary is all in application. It’s about how … Continue reading

Visibly Good

The Butterfly Effect is easy to understand – one small change can result in a huge change down the line. A ball rolling down a hill hits a tiny pebble which changes the ball’s trajectory so much it ends up … Continue reading

Free the Love

So.  Is it worth taking a chance if it might unleash some good old fashioned, nourishing, sustaining and all encompassing love? 00    … Continue reading

Can You See Now?

A mother and daughter travelled the world to film stories of ordinary people making a difference.  This is their story – Thanks to Katherine at Bowl of Miso - – for pointing me in the direction of this very … Continue reading