Loves Are All You Need…

We love food, dogs, weather, football, music, clothes, places, books, movies, work, money, fashion, sex, cars, shoes, handbags, flowers, chocolate, yoga, tennis, skiing, sunsets, houses, status, TV shows, languages, cosmetics, cats, birds, wildlife, travel, adventure, excitement, gadgets, sports – but … Continue reading

I’ve Been Thinking…

I’ve been thinking.  Often when ordinary people are inspired to champion the rights of others they are warned off doing anything.  Afraid that they might become so-called ‘armchair activists’, they back away, discouraged. But perhaps there is work to be … Continue reading

Girl Power – International Day of the Girl Child

Last Thursday, October 11th, 2012, was the first UN International Day of the Girl Child.  Nowadays most people agree that one of the keys to the well-being and prosperity of the planet lies in the education, protection and enfranchisement of … Continue reading

Believing Your Own Eyes

Because we are silenced by being told that we, ‘don’t understand the complexities’. Because we are easily knocked back in our forward movement by self-doubt and so, when we are told we don’t understand, we agree – we probably don’t … Continue reading

What if We Don’t Look Away?

We all know what happened in Rwanda in 1994. Some say 500,000 people were massacred in 100 days. Others say the number is closer to 800,000. But these are numbers. Just statistics from another country. Marks on pieces of paper. … Continue reading

Can Social Media Really Help Anybody?

There’s a lot of controversy nowadays about the usefulness of trying to use social media to raise awareness of all sorts of issues.  Some people feel it’s worth doing and others believe it’s a waste of time and just creates … Continue reading

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

If there is one thing that convinces me that we are all, basically, the same, it’s listening to children from different places. These Tanzanian children seem to be much the same as every child I’ve ever known – including myself … Continue reading

The Road to Self-Knowledge

Reza Fani Yazdi is a human rights activist, writer and former political prisoner but this recounting of his story is remarkable precisely because it is, in many ways, a common-or-garden ‘how I met my wife’ story .  There is something wonderfully … Continue reading

Man is a Mine Rich in Gems…

Nature or nurture?  Are we empty vessels waiting to be filled with knowledge and virtues or is there at least some stuff we might already have inside us that could be accessed?  A seam of gold?  A mother lode of … Continue reading