Common or Garden Rights

           Universal Declaration of Human Rights 00    … Continue reading

Miss Guided

Recently I’ve been thinking – and talking – a lot about how women are portrayed in the media.  I’ve also been thinking about how women are seen in society – and in, particular, how they see themselves. Yesterday I watched … Continue reading

Gender Neutrality

In 1993, the constitution of India was amended to stipulate that one third of positions as village chief were to be reserved for women. These positions were randomly allocated. The results were not always as positive as one might hope – … Continue reading


We are all convinced that our conception of beauty is natural. We think we like what we like, nobody teaches us what to like, either people are beautiful or they aren’t. But is that really the case? P.S. All of … Continue reading

Rwandan Women Build a Future

What most of us know about Rwanda – other than the fact that it is a small country in central Africa – is that in 1994 there was an horrific genocide where hundreds of thousands of people were murdered in … Continue reading

Let’s Dance

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.  - Friedrich Nietzsche It’s easy to believe in war and injustice in greed and corruption in hatred and prejudice and violence. It’s harder … Continue reading

American Psycho?

In his book, The Protest Psychosis, psychiatrist Jonathan Metzl examines the incidence and diagnosis of schizophrenia in the United States. Up until the 1950s most patients diagnosed with schizophrenia were women who were unwilling, or unable, to look after homes and … Continue reading

Girl Power

Camfed – Campaign for Female Education – has discovered that poverty is the main obstacle to the education of girls. Research shows that the consequences of not educating girls are not only felt by the individual girls but by the … Continue reading

Blood-lines of action – Butterfly Effects for Change

BASTI MAHRAN, PAKISTAN Before 2004, life in Basti Mahran was extremely difficult for everyone but especially for the Hindu minority. Hindu girls were routinely raped by Muslim men, cattle that belonged to the Hindu villagers were slaughtered and attacks on … Continue reading

Snide and Prejudiced.

Probably the best story ever written about the danger of prejudice is The Sneetches, by Dr. Seuss.  In this story the star belly Sneetches look down on the plain belly Sneetches and the message is clear – if you have … Continue reading