Loves Are All You Need…

We love food, dogs, weather, football, music, clothes, places, books, movies, work, money, fashion, sex, cars, shoes, handbags, flowers, chocolate, yoga, tennis, skiing, sunsets, houses, status, TV shows, languages, cosmetics, cats, birds, wildlife, travel, adventure, excitement, gadgets, sports – but … Continue reading

Baby, I Love You…

One of the clearest and most obvious signs of how we are all fundamentally the same is shown in how we relate to our children. There is something undeniably attractive about the look of pride on the faces of these … Continue reading

Just A Girl in a Dress

Because the Rwandan genocide was less than twenty years ago and because many of the conditions that allowed it to flourish unchecked still abound in our world, it is vital to look at it.  To see what we can learn.  Shake … Continue reading

A Speck of Dust in the Eye of An Ant

Even though looking our definite and impending death in the face gives us perspective it’s not the only thing. At least for me. Sometimes for me the enormity of the fact that I am composed of atoms that have existed … Continue reading

Dido and Aeneas

The beauty of some stories is that they are telling one story when they seem to be really telling another. Take the Aeneid for example. Virgil wrote the Aeneid c. 29-19 BCE – in other words over two thousand years … Continue reading