Loves Are All You Need…

We love food, dogs, weather, football, music, clothes, places, books, movies, work, money, fashion, sex, cars, shoes, handbags, flowers, chocolate, yoga, tennis, skiing, sunsets, houses, status, TV shows, languages, cosmetics, cats, birds, wildlife, travel, adventure, excitement, gadgets, sports – but … Continue reading

The Otherness of Others

In a very interesting article called, Can non-Europeans think?, Hamid Dabashi, a Professor at Columbia University in New York, asks some extremely searching questions about how we perceive ‘reality’. For the purposes of his article he speaks mainly about the philosophical … Continue reading

Starving African Children Save Irish Girl…

I had a very mean grandmother. She was an angry woman who, no doubt, had a lot of pain of her own, but that is immaterial when you are a child and at the receiving end of adult wrath. Anyway, … Continue reading

Reality Lights

I am naturally pessimistic.  I am persistent and I keep trying and trying and working to change whatever I think needs to be changed, but my default setting is pessimism.  I feel I was born like that – I have … Continue reading

Philosophy As A Tool For Action

‘Anything that we have to learn to do we learn by the actual doing of it… We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate ones, brave by doing brave ones.’ (Aristotle, Niconachean Ethics, Book II, p.91). Most … Continue reading

A Hole Where McDonald’s Used to Be

On our journey through our lives we often spend long, long periods travelling through terrain we could navigate with our eyes closed.  Everything is the same as it ever was – for good or ill  - and that train we … Continue reading

Wherever You Go – There You Are

In many ways being alive is like being a life long tourist.  When you’re a tourist you are travelling through territory that you may never have travelled through before.  Even if you have been there, because you don’t ‘live’ there … Continue reading

Me, Unlucky – You, Stupid.

Have you ever noticed that when you make a mistake you are inclined to see it as a bit of bad luck, but when you watch someone else make a mistake you tend to believe they are careless or foolish? … Continue reading

Fly Like A Butterfly

(N.B. – this is a repost so if you were reading creatingreciprocity in May 2011 you may have read it before – if so – sorry to repeat myself but I still feel the same as I did then about … Continue reading