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Love is a Better Master than Duty*

The recent vicious rape and assault of a 23 year old physiotherapy student in New Delhi has caused rioting and outrage in India. A policeman injured in the rioting has died and most Indian politicians seem to be distancing themselves from … Continue reading

Slavery Enslaves Us All

It is estimated that there are 27 million people in slavery worldwide.  More slaves than at any other time in human history.  Even though nowadays – unlike other times in human history – slavery is illegal in most countries in … Continue reading

A Hole Where McDonald’s Used to Be

On our journey through our lives we often spend long, long periods travelling through terrain we could navigate with our eyes closed.  Everything is the same as it ever was – for good or ill  - and that train we … Continue reading

Baby, I Love You…

One of the clearest and most obvious signs of how we are all fundamentally the same is shown in how we relate to our children. There is something undeniably attractive about the look of pride on the faces of these … Continue reading

Just A Girl in a Dress

Because the Rwandan genocide was less than twenty years ago and because many of the conditions that allowed it to flourish unchecked still abound in our world, it is vital to look at it.  To see what we can learn.  Shake … Continue reading

Don’t Close Your Eyes…

“On one trip to the city centre, I saw a Red Cross van, angled on the road, riddled with bullet holes.  Smoke was coming out of the engine compartment and all the windows were smashed.  The passenger door was open … Continue reading

What if We Don’t Look Away?

We all know what happened in Rwanda in 1994. Some say 500,000 people were massacred in 100 days. Others say the number is closer to 800,000. But these are numbers. Just statistics from another country. Marks on pieces of paper. … Continue reading